TSA by Adam Wilber - Ellusionist

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As the stand-out piece of Adam Wilber's Show-To-Go, TSA is his version to ring/wallet/watch.

Known only to those lucky few kit owners, TSA was hailed as being worth 10 times the price of the set on it's own... and it is.

Filmed earlier this year on the streets of Las Vegas, even the most impressive card tricks could not compete with TSA.

It drew crowds and shattered expectations.

With TSA, you throw all of your personal items into a TSA bag (the kind airport security would use to seize your items), but when it's ripped open it's found to be completely empty and everything is back on your body. The watch is on your wrist, the phone is back in your pocket and the money appears back in the wallet THEY'RE HOLDING.

(Safety Disclaimer: This trick is so good, if you try to do this trick while going through airport security you might get tasered in the face.)

TSA Bullet Points - comes Bag, wallet, 2 phones and 2 watches

TSA packs over 20 years performing experience into a 5-7 minute routine, suitable for stage, parlour and street performances.

The best magic, the best jokes and the most heartfelt stories all hit hard because they're relatable. Everyone that's flown on an airplane has an experience with airport security... and it's not always a happy one.

This routine builds towards a triumphant kicker when the items suddenly appear back where they where and you've beaten TSA.

And as a self-working miracle, TSA ensures that the props do all the work, so you don't have to. Focus purely on presentation. 

Finally beat TSA & Order today.

(Legal Disclaimer: This is in no way affiliated with the Transportation Security Administration and that is not our intention. TSA on our box and sales assets stands for 'THE SUDDEN APPEARANCE' and all artwork serves as a visual parody of the actual entertainment performance.)