FAX By Loki Kross

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FAX by Loki Kross: Imagine a signed ambitious card trick they do TO THEMSELVES IN THEIR OWN HANDS!

This changes EVERYTHING.

Loki Kross has a huge following of magicians that snap up each and every one of his magic trick releases. This reputation has been hard earned. If you have spent any time with other magicians, you'll be well aware of Loki's hit A Taste of Chaos . Fax follows on it this tradition of real working magic, that you WILL perform. Pretty much every working magician performs the Ambitious card. How could this classic card magic trick be improved? Loki's answer is to remove the magician from the trick! Let the spectators perform the trick in their own hands!

"This is smart. Very smart. The kind of smart that I want all to myself." - Jon Armstrong

"This is not a trick, it is a tool. Get ready to create and destroy." - Garrett Thomas

"The holy grail." - Francis Menotti

"Unlimited possibilities." - Dan Hauss

Imagine a SIGNED ambitious card trick...



And that's just the beginning...

4 FULL magic tricks and taught, including the worldwide hit: Hands Off Ambitious

Suitable for beginners