Memo Mind Cards by Max Vellucci - Trick

Vellucci, Max


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It is often discussed whether a mentalist should or should not use the classic deck of playing cards.

This deck of cards is in fact often associated with magicians with the magician and not always well suited to the needs of a modern mentalist.

There are also decks dedicated to mentalists (such as the deck of Zener cards) but have many limitations and do not allow you to perform effects if not specifically designed for that specific deck.

The Memo Mind Cards have been designed with the goal of providing the mentalist with an object that does not look like a classic deck of cards, but that has all the features of this versatile instrument, as well as other elements that make it unique.

By presenting the Memo Mind Cards as a special deck of cards used in psychological testing you will have an extremely credible and tool for your performance.

Another element that distinguishes the Memo Mind Cards from classic card decks for mentalists and playing cards, is the use of simple but eye-catching designs that immediately capture the imagination of the viewer who does not have to imagine strange abstract symbols, but objects and real elements. This allows the mentalist to create many effects such predictions with real objects, original revelations with gestures and effects of duplication of the design simple and effective during the show or for the pre-show work.

The Memo Mind Cards are structured with a set of principles extremely powerful but totally hidden from the public that will allow you to perform many of the effects not only meant for poker cards, but also many other experiments specific for this type of deck.

With the purchase of Memo Mind Cards you'll be sent the password to access the secret area where you will find constantly updated PDF and video effects you can do with this amazing tool.

- 52 cards (26 red and 26 blue)

- A double back card

- Explanations in PDF

- 1 hr video with the explanations of 5 incredible effects
  • Hurricane
  • Out of This Mind
  • Gesture Prediction
  • Coincidence
  • Double Visionson
- Password to access a secret forum